All Bearded Irises

Nola's Iris Gardens offers an impressive collection of bearded iris plants for sale, including reblooming bearded iris and tall bearded iris.

We dig up each of our plants at the end of summer and ship them directly to you so you can enjoy them at their peak. Keep in mind: the earlier you order, the better, as some varieties have a limited supply. However, if you are worried that a certain stock is too low for your order, please let us know; we may be able to supply more than what we have listed.

If you have any questions about the bearded iris we have for sale, please contact us today.

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  • Missouri Rose - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Missouri Rose$8.00
    (Jim Hedgecock, 1995) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), M S-rose pink F-rose,paler hafts & center streak B-tangerine orange;fragrant. Beauty Crown X Homecoming Queen.
  • Mister Roberts - SDB Standard Dwarf Bearded
    Mister Roberts$8.00
    (A. and D. Willott 1979) SDB 12 inches (30 cm), L. Large deep golden yellow.

  • Misty Twilight - fragrant reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Misty Twilight$8.00
    (Monty Byers, 1988) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), M-L & RE Heavily ruffled pale violet-blue, misty green white center on F.; medium blue beard tipped yellow in throat; slight sweet fragrance.

    Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8.

    Reported to rebloom in zones 3 to 9.

  • Miz Mary - tall bearded Iris
    Miz Mary$7.75
    (V.Messick 1995) TB 37 inches (94 cm), M S. blended tan and peach pink; F. tan, washed pink, gold at hafts; beards gold. Spring Fling X Flower Show.
  • Mme. Chereau - tall bearded Iris
    Mme. Chereau$7.25
    (Lemon 1844) TB White elegantly frilled with a wide border of clear blue.
  • Mo-Town Sister - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Mo-Town Sister$9.50
    (G.Nicholson 1999) TB, 36-38 inches (91-97 cm), M S. light grape juice; style arms same, golden inner glow; F. velvety deep tokay grape, thin white rim, white area near beard peppered deep grape; beards orange, deepening in throat, white at end and on base of hairs; heavily ruffled; slight musky fragrance. Flights of Fancy X unknown.
  • Monday-Monday - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    (Roger Nelson, 1992),TB, 29 inches (74 cm), EML Smooth bright deep lavender blue, F. with lighter area near beard; beards deep lavender blue, some gold orange deep in throat; ruffled, pleated; pronounced sweet fragrance.
  • Montevideo - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    (Joseph Ghio, 1987) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), L-VL Mid to dark orange; tangerine beard. HM 1989.
  • Montmartre - tall bearded Iris
    (Keith Keppel,2008) TB, 33 inches (84 cm), EM S. greyed red-purple, ¼˝ straw yellow edge; style arms straw to reed yellow, midrib flushed red purple; F. velvety dark red purple, darker and brighter than raisin purple, narrow oyster white edge, inner haft lemon, white around beard; beards chrome yellow, white and lemon at end.: (sib to Moonlit Water, x New Leaf) X High Master.. HM 2010, AM 2012, Wister 2014, Dykes 2017.
  • Monty's Sweet Blue - fragrant reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Monty's Sweet Blue$8.25
    (Byers 1994) TB 36 inches (91 cm), M SA Dark blue-violet B-yellow tipped light blue,dark blue-violet flounces or horns;fragrant
  • Mood Swing - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Mood Swing$8.00
    (Joseph Ghio, 1997) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), EML S-smoky violet pink F-apricot peach B-tangerine
  • Moon Journey - tall bearded Iris
    Moon Journey$7.25
    (B.Hager 1989) TB 35 inches (89 cm), M S-white F-mid-yellow B-light yellow
  • Morning Mail - tall bearded Iris
    Morning Mail$11.00
    (Barry Blyth, 1999) TB, 38 inches (96 cm), EM Orchid lilac self, B.tangerine. Cloud Berry X About Town.
  • Morning Pause - tall bearded Iris
    Morning Pause$52.00$40.00

    (Margie Valenzuela, 2013) Seedling SQC-07-J (M-ML) 36-37" Tall TB. This richly-colored deep purple beauty often has 3 blooms opened at once. The lighting can play tricks on the rich purple standards making them look lighter at times, over deep rich falls that draw your attention to the white spray markings at the half and on the shoulders. The beard is multi-colored mustard, white, and purple. Superb growth, good substance and branching, a real eye-catcher!

    Parentage: Sambuca x Queens Circle.

  • Morwenna - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    (R. Nichol 1991) TB 38 inches (97 cm) M. The standards are pale blue, deeper at midrib and the falls are pale blue. Fragrant Iris.
  • Mother Marshmallow - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Mother Marshmallow$8.00
    (J.McWhirter 1997) TB 34 inches (86 cm), ML White self B-white,tipped yellow in throat;pronounced sweet fragrance HM 2001
  • Mountain Violet - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Mountain Violet$8.00
    (B. Hamner, 1985) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), EM & RE (Feb in CA) S. pastel violet flushed faint pink; F. darker violet. HM 1989. Sporadic rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 8 and 9. Late rebloom.
  • Mulberry Echo - fragrant reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Mulberry Echo$19.25
    (W.Maryott 1997) TB 37 inches (94 cm), EM & RE Cerise maroon self B-orange;slight spicy fragrance
  • Mulberry Memories - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Mulberry Memories$8.25$7.50
    (G. Sutton 2002) TB RE 37 inches (94 cm), ML. Mulberry to aster violet self; almost white beards. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 8 and 9.
  • Music - SDB Standard Dwarf Bearded
    (Keith Keppel, 1999) SDB, 12 inches (31 cm), EM S. apricot buff shaded peach buff; style arms deeper buff apricot; F. light apricot buff ground, rubient haft and shoulder veining, lightly dotted and veined edge; beards fire red, white-based hairs at end; ruffled. Tweety Bird X 91-7A: (Gigolette x Fairy Lore).
  • My Forte - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    My Forte$8.50
    (Richard Ernst, 2000) TB, 37 inches (94 cm), ML S. violet purple, midrib infused white; style arms violet purple; F. white, 1/4-3/8 inches violet purple band; beards tangerine orange; slight sweet fragrance.
  • My Friend Jonathan - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    My Friend Jonathan$9.50
    (B. Miller, 1996) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), EM & RE Bright fuchsia & brick blend,veined chocolate beards bronze; lightly ruffled, faintly laced.
  • My Little Wagon - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    My Little Wagon$24.00$21.00

    (Margie Valenzuela, 2012) TB, This may not look much like a wagon, but it's color is getting close to a red wagon. When the sun hits it just can look quite red. This is a healthy, great growing plant with rebloom genes. Nice branching too. Sdlg. ROR-05-J, TB. 33-34" Mid-season. Stands. are deep red with orange-brown tint; lower midribs are red-orange to orange. Style arms shades of red-orange, orange, and yellow. Falls are deep red with velvety maroon-red shading and white markings near beard. Beard is yellow tipped mustard.

    Parentage: Rustler x (Vanity x Chief Redskin)

  • My Mauve - tall bearded Iris
    My Mauve$8.00
    (Mitch Jameson, 1994) TB, 34-38 inches (86-97 cm), M S. rosy mauve; F. lavender, edged rosy mauve, rose maroon intensification on cream at hafts; beards cream and purple, tipped orange.
  • Mystery Blush - fragrant reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Mystery Blush$12.00
    (G.Sides 1999) TB 36 inches (91 cm), E & RE Blush pink,style arms medium pink B-pink,tipped blue;fragrant
  • Mystic Lover - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Mystic Lover$12.00$12.10
    (George Sutton, 2000) TB, SA, 36 inches (91 cm), ML S. white, trace of violet on midrib; style arms pale violet; F. dark violet; beards bronze, violet base, short dark violet horn; slight sweet fragrance.
  • Mystic Magic - tall bearded Iris
    Mystic Magic$8.00
    (B. Blyth, 1988) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), M-L S-deep rich blue violet F-velvety smooth black,blue violet edge B-tangerine.(Tomorrow's Child x Magic Man) X In Smoke.
  • Mystic Warrior - tall bearded Iris
    Mystic Warrior$11.00
    (R.Dunn 1989) TB 35 inches (89 cm), M S-plum blend F-electric blue,plum halo B-plum
  • Naturally Sweet - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Naturally Sweet$16.00

    (Margie Valenzuela, 2012) TB, This unusual iris not only has copper-gold edges, but it's veins are a golden-tan as well. It's height shows off it's colors, and because it can be early blooming it may be one of the first ones to appear. It's play on colors has a way of grabbing one's eye, it's not easily over-looked. Sdlg. BP-08-1, TB. 35-36" Early and Mid-season. Stands. have shades of Pink to light-pink, with very thin copper-gold edges. Style arms are peach. Falls consists of a blend of rose-lavender and light peach-pink with white markings near the beard. The veining is a golden tan. Note the edges are laced are of copper-gold! Bears an orange/honey-yellow blend.

    Parentage: Barbara My Love x Puccini.

    Sweet Fragrance

    REBLOOMER in zone 8, CA.

  • Navy Blues - tall bearded Iris
    Navy Blues$9.50$8.50
    (R. Dunn 1994) TB 37 inches (93 cm) E. Ruffled very dark navy blue-violet; dark violet beards. HM 1999 AM 2003
  • Needlepoint - tall bearded Iris
    (Schreiner's 1983) TB 33 inches (84 cm), VE-E S-cream,shaded rose at edge F-white stitched rose,copper B-gold; HM 1986
  • Negotiator - tall bearded Iris
    (C.Tompkins 1997) TB 40 inches (102 cm), ML-VL Med blue,whitish;B.lemon-white tint blue
  • Neil Diamond - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Neil Diamond$9.50
    (R. Nelson, 1987) TB, 34" (86 cm), M Ruffled smooth deep violet; deep violet blue beard, gold orange deep in throat; slight sweet fragrance. Azure Lights X Navy Strut. HM 1989.
  • Neon Cowboy - tall bearded Iris
    Neon Cowboy$19.25$16.00
    (H.Bradshaw 1998) TB 42 inches (107 cm), M Lightly ruffled reddish black, F. with mauve rim, white spray pattern below beard; beards yellow, violet at end. Superstition X Queen in Calico. HM 2000
  • New Centurion - tall bearded Iris
    New Centurion$8.25$7.50
    (Schreiner's 1993) TB 39 inches (99 cm), EM Smooth deep carmine red B-bronze HM 1995
  • Nigerian Raspberry - tall bearded Iris
    Nigerian Raspberry$7.25
    (Brad Kasperek, 1995) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), M Raspberry cream ground with red purple and purple splashes; beards deep orange; ruffled. HM 1997, AM 1999.
  • Night Attack - tall bearded Iris
    Night Attack$12.00
    (J.Ghio 1993) TB 40 inches (102 cm), EM S-blue-purple F-black with blue-purple hairline edge B-tangerine tipped purple HM 1995
  • Night Edition - tall bearded Iris
    Night Edition$8.00
    (Schreiner's, 1981) TB, 35 inches (89 cm), M S. light silvery blue; F. dark inky blue, eye-zone lightly marked with paler shadings beside lemon to light gold beard. HM 1985.
  • Night Game - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Night Game$9.50
    (Keith Keppel, 1996) TB, 42 inches (107 cm), ML S-eggplant-violet F-velvety blackish purple,purple edge B-brick orange,violet base; fragrant. Witches' Sabbath X Gallant Rogue. HM 1998, AM 2000.
  • Night Owl - tall bearded Iris
    Night Owl$9.50
    (Schreiner's, 1970) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), ML S. rich dark violet-blue-black; F. same with velvety texture; self beard. HM 1971, AM 1973.
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Order early some varieties have a very limited supply.

We also have links to Reblooming Irises, tall bearded iris, Space age Irises, and much more under the "all Irises" navigation at the top of the page. The bearded iris plant is very hardy being drought resistant and it is also deer resistant.