All Bearded Irises

Nola's Iris Gardens offers an impressive collection of bearded iris plants for sale, including reblooming bearded iris and tall bearded iris.

We dig up each of our plants at the end of summer and ship them directly to you so you can enjoy them at their peak. Keep in mind: the earlier you order, the better, as some varieties have a limited supply. However, if you are worried that a certain stock is too low for your order, please let us know; we may be able to supply more than what we have listed.

If you have any questions about the bearded iris we have for sale, please contact us today.

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  • Autumn Grandeur - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Autumn Grandeur$8.00
    (B. Hager 1993) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), M & RE Medium violet blue. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 4 to 9. Pronounced sweet Fragrance. Just a few of these will fill a room with fragrance.

  • Autumn Sapphire - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Autumn Sapphire$12.00$12.10
    (William Maryott,2000)TB, 38 inches (97 cm), M & RE Ruffled medium blue, F. slightly darker; beards medium blue.
  • Autumn Tryst - fragrant reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Autumn Tryst$19.50
    (Weiler 1993) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), EM & RE The standards are white, shot, stippled & edged rosy lavender and the falls are white, edged rosy lavender; beards pale yellow; slight sweet fragrance. Lilac Stitchery X Earl of Essex. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 6 to 9. Fragrant Iris. HM 1997
  • Autumn Wine - reblooming Border bearded Iris
    Autumn Wine$22.00
    (Vincent Christopherson, 2003) BB, 25 inches (64 cm), M & RE & SA S. and style arms wine red; F. darker velvety wine red, lighter wine red rim; beards mustard, short upturned white horn. Very nice red self. Rock Star X (Sky Hooks x Momentum).
  • Avalon Sunset - tall bearded Iris
    Avalon Sunset$9.50
    (Schreiner, 1994) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), ML Ruffled orange B-tangerine. HM 1996
  • Avanelle - Intermediate bearded Iris
    (W. Jones 1977) IB 22 inches (56 cm), EM. Excellent ruffled, flaring white.

  • Azure Whir - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Azure Whir$8.25$7.50
    (Durrance 1992) TB 35 inches (89 cm) E. Ruffled light blue grey. One of the better light blue tall bearded Irises. Click on the image for a better photo.
  • Babbling Brook - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Babbling Brook$13.00$12.00
    (Keppel 1969) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), M French blue with pale yellow beard. Galilee X Symphony. HC 1965, HM 1967, JC 1967, 1968, AM 1969, NTG Award 1968, AM 1969, Dykes 1972.
  • Baboon Bottom - fragrant Border bearded Iris
    Baboon Bottom$10.50
    (B. Kasperek 1994) BB, 26 inches (66 cm), M Streaked & swirled medium pink & old rose; tangerine beards, tipped rose pink; ruffled, laced; slight fragrance. Date Bait X Maria Tormena. Awards HM 1996, AM 1998, Knowlton Medal 2002.
  • Back In Black - tall bearded Iris
    Back In Black$10.50
    (Schreiner's 1986) TB 38 inches (97 cm), ML Velvety rich black self with red undertones B-self HM 1988
  • Back Street Affair - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Back Street Affair$11.00
    (S.Innerst 1997) TB 34 inches (86 cm), M S-medium yellow F-coffee to milky brown,yellow border B-brilliant gold;fragrant HM 2000
  • Backwater Blues - tall bearded Iris
    Backwater Blues$8.00
    (Stahly 1999) TB, 35 inches (89 cm), EM Med. Blue violet;, bronze in throat.
  • Bad Cad - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Bad Cad$12.00
    (Burseen 1992) TB 33 inches (84 cm), EM. The standards are rusty orange and the falls are cream streaked maroon.

  • Bad Guys - tall bearded Iris
    Bad Guys$8.25
    (C.Tompkins 1995) TB 38 inches (97 cm), ML-VL S.deep creamy chamois,infusion greenish-orchid,F.orchid ceriseshoulders deeper,B.yellow
  • Balch Springs - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Balch Springs$8.00
    (H.Nichols 1993) TB 36 inches (91 cm), ML S-light blue F-deeper,edged lighter B-yellow-blue;fragrant HM 1996
  • Banana Cream - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Banana Cream$10.50
    (Monty Byers,1989)TB, 35 inches (89 cm), EM-M & RE S. cream to cream white; F. cream, pale yellow hafts; cream beard tipped yellow orange; heavily ruffled. Soap Opera X Brother Carl. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  • Banana Frappe - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Banana Frappe$14.00
    (R.Ernst 1991) TB 38 inches (97 cm), M Ruffled yellow; beards yellow orange; slight sweet fragrance. Gold Cadillac X Sunday Sunshine.
  • Barbara My Love - tall bearded Iris
    Barbara My Love$9.50
    (Maryott 1999) TB 36 inches (91 cm), M. The standards are pale salmon and the falls are white, 3/8 inch spanish orange band; yellow beards. Awards - HM 2001
  • Barbaro - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    (Bruce Filardi, 2013) TB, 37" (94 cm), ML S. ruby red; styler arms light red-gold; F. velvety deep ruby red, yellow area beside bright orange beard; slight musky fragrance. Red self. Cover Page X Eyes Right.
  • Barn Dance - fragrant reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Barn Dance$8.00
    (Monty Byers, 1991) TB, 35 inches (89 cm), EM & RE S. medium light yellow; F. pale straw yellow, slightly deeper yellow hafts and border peppered and sanded rose brown, small white area under bright yellow beard; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. Broadway X Spirit of Fiji.
  • Bateau Ivre - tall bearded Iris
    Bateau Ivre$12.00
    (P. C. Anfosso,1982)TB, 35.5 inches (90 cm), L Lightly ruffled pink grey, blue spot under blue grey beard. Touch� X Gypsy Prince.
  • Bathsheba Comes - fragrant reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Bathsheba Comes$9.50
    (B. Miller, 1989) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), EM & RE (Oct in AL) Lightly ruffled smooth blend of garnet and deep rose; bronze beard; slight fragrance. Gideon Victorious X Samaritan. Sporatic rebloom Reported to rebloom in zones 8 and 9.
  • Battle Royal - tall bearded Iris
    Battle Royal$16.00
    (Joseph Ghio, 1994) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), EM Cherry red over apricot base; beards bronze. HM 1998.
  • Battle Star - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Battle Star$8.00
    (Osborne 1979) TB 35 1/2 inches (38 cm) M. SA The standards are cinnamon and the falls are violet; violet horns.
  • Bayberry Candle - tall bearded Iris
    Bayberry Candle$8.25$7.50
    (C. DeForest,1969) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), M S-chartreuse to lime F-olive-green,deeper center B-brown
  • Be A Dream - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Be A Dream$8.00
    (Niswonger 1992) TB 35 inches (89 cm) ML RE. The standards are white and the falls are same, golden hafts. Rebloomed August Zone 8. HM 1994.
  • Beat The Heat - tall bearded Iris
    Beat The Heat$10.00
    (Tom Burseen, 1996) TB, 35 inches (89 cm), EM S. and style arms light lavender blue, darker midrib; F. violet ; beards mustard; ruffled.
  • Before the Storm - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Before the Storm$17.00
    (S. Innerst, 1989) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), M Black self. Black beard tipped bronze; slight fragrance. Superstition X Raven's Roost. One of the best Black Irises ever. A real favorate. HM 1991, AM 1993, Wister 1995 Dykes metal winner 1996.
  • Beguine - tall bearded Iris
    (Keith Keppel, 1989) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), E S. capucine buff almost completely overlaid near corinthian red; F. capucine buff, very small white area beneath beard, old roseleaf margin and hafts (plicata); burnt orange beard tipped burnt sienna. Gigolo X Columbia the Gem. HM 1992.
  • Belvi Queen - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Belvi Queen$14.00
    (Jensen 1976) TB RE 43 inches (109 cm), E. The standards are cinnamon and the falls are yellow ground maroon. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 5 to 9.
  • Bengal Tiger - tall bearded Iris
    Bengal Tiger$11.00
    (W. Maryott, 1981) TB, 37 inches (94 cm), E-M S. clean bright yellow; F. same, prominent maroon stripes full length of petal, 1/8 inches yellow band; yellow beard. Summer Sunshine X White Lightning. HM 1983.
  • Berry Blush - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Berry Blush$8.00
    (Hamner 1988) TB 32-34 inches (81-86 cm), M Ruffled pastel pink; red beard. Persian Berry X Heather Blush.
  • Bess Bergin - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Bess Bergin$8.25$7.50
    (C. Denman 1972) TB 30 inches (76 cm) ML & RE White with light yellow hafts. Snow Goddess X Ech-Chams Harra.

  • Bethany Claire - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Bethany Claire$9.00$8.00
    (Zurbrigg 1985) TB RE 40 inches (102 cm), M. Wisteria blue; white beards. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 6 to 9. Late rebloom.
  • Better Together - tall bearded Iris
    Better Together$16.00
    (Schreiner, 2014). TB, 40" (102 cm), M S. light violet-blue, cream veining; F. darker blue-violet; beard hairs based purple, tips gold. HM 2017
  • Betty Dunn - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Betty Dunn$8.25$7.50
    (O. D. Niswonger 1995) TB, 33 inches (84 cm), M S. near-white, slight pink basal flush; style arms white, pink center streak; F. salmon pink, white rim; beards tangerine. (Coral Strand x Lisa Ann) X Champagne Elegance. HM 1998
  • Beverly Sills - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Beverly Sills$22.00
    (Hager 1979) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), M Laced coral pink self. Awards - HM 1981 AM 1983 Dykes Medal 1985 One of the all time favorites.

  • Bewilderbeast - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    (Brad Kasperek, 1995) TB, 30 inches (76 cm), M S-streaked mauve & silver white F-dark mauve with silver white streaking B-golden brown;fragrant. Tiger Honey X Rustic Dance. HM 1997, AM 1999.
  • Big Buck - tall bearded Iris
    Big Buck$8.00
    (Joseph Hoage, 1991) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), ML Medium blue, beards very dark blue. Song of Norway X Evening Echo.
  • Big Business - tall bearded Iris
    Big Business$9.50
    (Lilly Gartman, 1994) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), ML S-chartreuse yellow F-same,deeper rim & shoulders B-gold. Critic's Choice X Status Seeker.
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Order early some varieties have a very limited supply.

We also have links to Reblooming Irises, tall bearded iris, Space age Irises, and much more under the "all Irises" navigation at the top of the page. The bearded iris plant is very hardy being drought resistant and it is also deer resistant.