Border Bearded Iris

The Border Bearded Iris are small versions of the Intermediate Bearded. Both have stem heights ranging from 16 to 28 inches and bloom at the same time as the Tall Bearded.

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With the smaller stem size the border bearded Iris is a favorite for floral arrangments.
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  • Boom Boom Blonde - Border bearded Iris
    Boom Boom Blonde$6.50
    (G.& L.Nichols 2002) BB 26 inches (66 cm), M S.clear yellow,arms yellow F.antique white B.white
  • Border Music - fragrant Border bearded Iris
    Border Music$6.50
    (George Sutton, 1998). BB 26 inches (66 cm) EML. S. blended yellow ochre and pale methyl violet; style arms yellow ochre; F. pale methyl violet veined darker, 1/4 inches yellow edge at end of F., dark yellow ochre shoulders with beards yellow, methyl violet base; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. Berry Rich X Miss Nellie.
  • Bullwinkle - Border bearded Iris
    (G. Sutton 1994) BB 26 inches (66 cm), M.The standards are bright yellow, burgundy mid-rib and the falls are yellow ground dotted burgundy.
  • Cin Cin - fragrant Border bearded Iris
    Cin Cin$6.50
    (Sterling Innerst, 1998) BB, 25 inches (64 cm), M & SA Medium blue self; beards dark blue, dark blue horn; slight fragrance. Deity X Codicil.
  • Ensign - fragrant Border bearded Iris
    (Eric Tankesley-Clarke, 1993) BB, 25 inches (64 cm), ML Dark blue self B-lemon;slight sweet fragrance. Allegiance X Bubbling Over. HM 1996
  • Headline Banner - fragrant reblooming Border bearded Iris
    Headline Banner$8.50
    (George Sutton, 1999) BB, 26 inches (66 cm), ML & RE S. white, mottled lavender blue darkest at midrib, 1/8 inches gilt edge at top; style arms white to lavender blue; F. white, 1/8 inches gilt edge, 1 inches lavenderl blue dotted and stitched border, darker centerline; beards yellow, base white; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 8 and 9.
  • His Honor - Border bearded Iris
    His Honor$7.00
    (D.Meek,1992) BB, 27 inches (70 cm), M Fluted and heavily ruffled gold with large white area around deeper gold beards.
  • Miss Nellie - Border bearded Iris
    Miss Nellie$6.50
    (J.Burch 1983) BB 27 inches (69 cm), E-M S. greyed yellow blended with pale violet F. dark red-violet edged with light violet yellow-green beard. Child Star X Mexicali. HM 1985 AM 1987
  • Orinoco Flow - fragrant Border bearded Iris
    Orinoco Flow$8.50
    (C. Bartlett 1993) BB 25 inches (64 cm), EM-L. White ground plic; deep purple blue on edge of the standards , hafts, top edge of the falls.Fragrant Iris. EDM 1994
  • Peach Petals - Border bearded Iris
    Peach Petals$6.50
    (O. D. Niswonger, 1987) BB, 26 inches (66 cm), M S. near white; F. pink; tangerine beard. Coral Strand X Marmalade Skies. HM 1989, AM 1992
  • Princess Bride - fragrant reblooming Border bearded Iris
    Princess Bride$6.50
    (George Sutton, 2000) BB, 25 inches (64 cm), ML-VL S. white, midrib cream yellow; style arms creamy white; F. white, hafts yellow; beards bright yellow orange, creamy white at end; fluted; slight spicy fragrance. HM 2004.(G. Sutton 2000) BB Billowy and ruffled white with yellow highlights on the hafts.

  • Red Thumbprints - fragrant reblooming Border bearded Iris
    Red Thumbprints$8.00
    (A. & D. Cadd, 2000) BB, 25 inches (64 cm), E S-chocolate brown,lighter border F-chocolate brown,reddish wash,yellow lines B-orange;fragrant
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The border bearded Iris do make great boarders for you garden, with their wonderful green leaves the year around and flowers of every color during bloom season it is hard to find a better border flower the the border bearded Iris.