Space Age Iris

We offer a large collection of quality Space age Iris at a wholesale price. Our space age iris collection currently has over 40 different irises to choose from and we are adding more each year.

The Space Age Irises have horn's that extend from the end of the beard. The horn is a spear like appendage that emerges from the fall at the end of the beard. The tip of the horn is sometimes flat which is referred to as a spoon or may be split and laced making a flounce which looks like little petals.

The quality of our space age Irises can't be beat. Please enjoy the pictures of our space age Irises. During bloom season you are welcome to come and view the space age irises in our viewing gardens.

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Abbey-Chant.jpg Abbey Chant
60422 Abbey Chant
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(G.Sutton 1998) IB 25 inches (64 cm), VE & RE SA S-Style arms bright yellow F-white,hafts & edge lighter yellow B-violet-orange,violet blue horn
Aint-Misbehavin.jpg Ain't Misbehavin'
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(R.Ernst 1995) TB 37 inches (94 cm), SA M S-red violet-blue violet F-violet,blended white,bluish center stripe B-orange-blue;fragrant HM 1998
Alabaster-Unicorn.jpg Alabaster Unicorn
$7.50 $6.50
10016 Alabaster Unicorn
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(Sutton 1996) TB 36-38 inches (91-97 cm) ML. SA Ruffled white self; yellow beards, white horns. HM 1999 AM 2002
Alien-Mist.jpg Alien Mist
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(C. Bartlett 1998) TB 37 inches (94 cm) M. SA Ruffled pale blue self; blue-black beards ending in long horns. HM 2001
Apollo-One.jpg Apollo One
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(G.Sutton 1997) TB 34 inches (86 cm), EM SA S-white,edged spiraea red F-white,striped & edged spiraea red B-bronze gold-burgundy,spiraea red horns;fragrant HM 2000
Arms-Wide-Open.jpg Arms Wide Open
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(Larry Lauer, 2001) TB, 35 inches (89 cm), M SA Ruffled cornflower blue, lighter near beard; beards blue at end, white to yellow in throat, blue horn.

Art School Angel.jpg Art School Angel
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(Vizvarie 1989) TB 32 inches (81 cm) M. SA Pure white self with yellow beards and graceful white spoons. HM 1993
Asteroid-Zone.jpg Asteroid Zone
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(G. Sutton 1996) TB SA, 35 inches (89 cm), M S. bright yellow; style arms bright yellow and white; F. bright yellow, white around beard; beards lemon gold upwardly curved fuzzy yellow and white horn; ruffled, lightly laced. Come to Me X Candlegleam.

Battle-Star.jpg Battle Star
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(Osborne 1979) TB 35 1/2 inches (38 cm) M. SA The standards are cinnamon and the falls are violet; violet horns.
Be Mine.jpg Be Mine
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(Byers 1986) TB 36 inches (91 cm) ME-ML. SA The standards are medium pink blending to pink white edge and the falls are pink white, deep orange gold hafts blending to deep pink around deep red orange beard; occasional tiny horns; lightly ruffled and laced; slight spicy fragrance. Persian Berry X B. Hager horned pink sdlg.: (Moon Mistress x Meek horned sdlg.).

Some of the Space Age Iries are also Reblooming Irises. You will be able to identify them when you see the "RE" in the description. RE is for Reblooming (Irises).