MINIMUM ORDER: $20.00 plus shipping charges.

Full payment with order by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal. Your canceled check will serve as your receipt.

Orders paid by check for online orders will be shipped upon receipt of check through mail and at appropriate planting time, unless otherwise requested.

SHIPPING: Shipping season is from July 1 through mid August for colder climates; through the end of September for warmer areas. If you have a preferred shipping date, please e-mail us at orders@walking-p-bar.com (please indicate your order number in your e-mail) and specify delivery dates. Shipments will be made by USPS for orders less that 30 in most cases and United Parcel Service for larger orders except to areas where their use is not possible. Please include your full street address and phone number. If you have a PO box we will need the box number for USPS. For those of you who want UPS 3-day delivery, add $1.00 per plant, in addition to regular shipping and handling costs. Second or next day delivery will be billed at cost.

FOREIGN ORDERS: MINIMUM ORDER $100.00 (U.S.) plus shipping and handling. Start with $66.00 documentation fee(Aig inspection fee), then look up the shipping charges in the "Shipping" link on the home page. These are the only shipping charges for foreign orders. CANADIAN ORDERS: MINIMUM ORDER $50.00 (US) plus shipping and handling. All foreign orders have a $66.00 documentation fee for the special inspection required to ship out of the United States. See the shipping charges in the "Shipping" link on the Home page. If you wish faster service, UPS 3-day delivery, second day or next day, delivery will be billed at cost.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions will be made with like or better Iris. We have changed the policy due to the large amount of disappointed customers when we reduced their orders due to running out of a variety. Our substitutions will be as close to what you ordered as possible. In other words, if you order a white tall bearded reblooming Iris we will attempt to substitute with the same. If you do not wish substitutions, please state that in the comments section of your order. We will refund for any Iris not shipped and the difference in shipping charges. If you do not like the substitution please let us know and we will try to please you. It is our goal to have every one of our customers very pleased with their orders. Please do not hesitate to notify us of anything you are not pleased with. This does not apply to our "Collections". Due to he high volume of orders the "Internet Specials" or Collections are always subject to substitution.

PLANT QUALITY - Warranty: The garden is state inspected thus assuring you of quality, disease free plants. Our rhizomes are guaranteed true to varietal name and are healthy at time of shipment. If any plant fails to perform satisfactorily, please let us know by November 30 and we will replace the plant. It will be replaced the following season providing the variety is still in the catalog. If it is not available a substitute variety will be sent or we will refund your money. However, we cannot accept responsibility for growing or storage conditions over which we have no control, even the weather.

IRIS CLUB ORDERS: To receive the iris club discount, at least five of a variety must be ordered. Please send requests to orders@walking-p-bar.com or call for further information. 1-408-258-2611

We will be generous!