The following are new varieties that have been added in 2019. Most of the Irises are new to our site and newer varieties. Others are Irises that have been out of stock due to high demand. Many of the Irises only have a few available, so you will need to order soon.
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  • Again and Again - Tall bearded Iris
    Again and Again$14.00
    (Sterling Innerst, 1999) TB 36 inches (91 cm) M & RE. Excellent Rebloomer! This is a continuous rebloomer and is one of our best rebloomers. Stands light medium yellow with medium yellow falls with white spray pattern around white beard changing to yellow in throat. This is a very large flower. Slight sweet fragrance. Renown X Anxious. Reliable multiple rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 4 to 9.
  • Allisons-Halo-Tall-bearded-Iris
    Allison's Halo$9.50
    (Barbara Nicodemus, Sdlg) TB, 30 inches EM-M S, creamy light yellow; style arms and stigma lips white, medium yellow crests, feathered edges; F, white edged cream yellow, medium yellow sholders; B. medium yellow, slight white tips; laced. Passion for Lace X Guilt Free Sample
  • Tall-bearded-Iris-Amber-Rainbow
    Amber Rainbow$12.00
    (Fred Kerr 2014) TB, 36", M. Medium sized flower with pinkish amber standards with red-lavender flush from the base. Style crests are amber and the falls are pinkish amber, darker at the hafts. Center of the fall is blue lavender. Good growth habits and terrific branching with seven or more buds.
  • Tall-bearded-Iris-American-Original
    American Original$19.00
    (Richard Tasco, 2014) TB, 41 inches EM Moderately ruffled dark burgundy and white plicata; white based beard tipped golden redish brown.
  • Tall-bearded-Iris-Aureoles
    (Bruce Filardi, 2011) TB, 43" (109 cm), EM S. creamy white, very narrow laced gold rim; style arms white; F. creamy white, slightly wider and more intense gold rim; beards bright red-orange; slight spicy fragrance. Captain Crunch X Leading Light.
  • Tall-bearded-Iris-Autumn-Explosion
    Autumn Explosion$17.50
    (Richard Tasco, 2013) TB, 33 inches (84 cm), EM & RE S. warm white ground covered with red pansy-purple dots becoming almost solid towards the edges; style arms pansy-purple ridges, light lavender-white middle, lime-yellow edge, fringed pansy-purple crests; F. cold-white ground covered with darker red pansy-purple dots becoming darker towards the edges, speckling intensity can vary from flower to flower; beard hairs based white, tips golden-yellow in middle and throat, purple-white at end; sweet fragrance; lightly ruffled. Mariposa Autumn X Celestial Explosion.
  • Tall-bearded-Iris-Better-Together
    Better Together$14.00
    (Schreiner, 2014). TB, 40" (102 cm), M S. light violet-blue, cream veining; F. darker blue-violet; beard hairs based purple, tips gold. HM 2017
  • Tall-bearded-Iris-Beyond-Borders
    Beyond Borders$14.00
    (Richard Tasco, 2012) TB, 35 inches (89 cm), EM S. cold white; style arms cold white, very slight violet flush near crest and very light maize flush at top of fringed crest; F. cold white, very wide mottled violet-blue rim becoming almost solid at edge, some light burgundy veining near beard; beard hairs based white, tips saffron yellow; moderately ruffled. Gypsy Glitter X QueenÕs Circle.
  • 1-Sorry.jpg
    Black Cherry Sorbet$8.50
    (Chad Harris, 2016) MTB, 22" (56 cm), E S. black cherry-red, style arms buckskin tan. F. orchid ground heavily veined black cherry-red. Beards bright lemon yellow. Slight spicy fragrance. Redrock Princess X Butterscotch Wine.
  • Tall-bearded-Iris-Blue-Hour
    Blue Hour$10.50
    (Schreiner, 2012) TB, 36 (91 cm), ML Light blue self.
  • Tall-bearded-Iris-Bold-Pattern
    Bold Pattern$12.50
    (M. Sutton 2015) TB, 35 inches (89 cm), ? Mimosa yellow standards are nicely ruffled with a green flush at the mid ribs. Interesting violet falls are veined pale violet with grayed red shoulders and grayed red receded rim. A 1/4 inch chinese yellow band is edged with a ruby red wire rim.
  • 1-Sorry.jpg
    (Roger Duncan, 2012) TB, 37 inches (94 cm), L S. diamond dusted warm white, bright canary yellow at base and bottom sides, light primrose yellow rim; style arms cold white; F. primrose yellow, bright canary yellow around beard and halfway down fall sides, yellow veins in white ground around and below beards, violet purple dots and veins near upper half of beard, strong violet purple veins and dotting in central fall area from beard to fall edge; beards bright tangerine; moderate ruffling; musky fragrance.
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