Tall Bearded Iris

We offer a large collection of quality tall bearded Irises at a reasonable prices. Our tall bearded iris collection currently has over 250 different irises to choose from and we are adding more each year.

The Tall Bearded iris are the nobility of the Iris world. They have stem heights ranging from 28 to 40 inches. The tall bearded iris are gorgeous flowers that are available in all colors and make superb cut flower arrangements. With 12 buds each, the tall bearded iris are stunning flowers and are the most popular of the bearded iris.

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  • Mystic Warrior - tall bearded Iris
    Mystic Warrior$11.00
    (R.Dunn 1989) TB 35 inches (89 cm), M S-plum blend F-electric blue,plum halo B-plum
  • Navy Blues - tall bearded Iris
    Navy Blues$9.50$8.50
    (R. Dunn 1994) TB 37 inches (93 cm) E. Ruffled very dark navy blue-violet; dark violet beards. HM 1999 AM 2003
  • Needlepoint - tall bearded Iris
    (Schreiner's 1983) TB 33 inches (84 cm), VE-E S-cream,shaded rose at edge F-white stitched rose,copper B-gold; HM 1986
  • Negotiator - tall bearded Iris
    (C.Tompkins 1997) TB 40 inches (102 cm), ML-VL Med blue,whitish;B.lemon-white tint blue
  • Neil Diamond - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Neil Diamond$9.50
    (R. Nelson, 1987) TB, 34" (86 cm), M Ruffled smooth deep violet; deep violet blue beard, gold orange deep in throat; slight sweet fragrance. Azure Lights X Navy Strut. HM 1989.
  • Neon Cowboy - tall bearded Iris
    Neon Cowboy$19.25$16.00
    (H.Bradshaw 1998) TB 42 inches (107 cm), M Lightly ruffled reddish black, F. with mauve rim, white spray pattern below beard; beards yellow, violet at end. Superstition X Queen in Calico. HM 2000
  • New Centurion - tall bearded Iris
    New Centurion$8.25$7.50
    (Schreiner's 1993) TB 39 inches (99 cm), EM Smooth deep carmine red B-bronze HM 1995
  • Night Attack - tall bearded Iris
    Night Attack$12.00
    (J.Ghio 1993) TB 40 inches (102 cm), EM S-blue-purple F-black with blue-purple hairline edge B-tangerine tipped purple HM 1995
  • Night Edition - tall bearded Iris
    Night Edition$8.00
    (Schreiner's, 1981) TB, 35 inches (89 cm), M S. light silvery blue; F. dark inky blue, eye-zone lightly marked with paler shadings beside lemon to light gold beard. HM 1985.
  • Night Game - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Night Game$9.50
    (Keith Keppel, 1996) TB, 42 inches (107 cm), ML S-eggplant-violet F-velvety blackish purple,purple edge B-brick orange,violet base; fragrant. Witches' Sabbath X Gallant Rogue. HM 1998, AM 2000.
  • Night Owl - tall bearded Iris
    Night Owl$9.50
    (Schreiner's, 1970) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), ML S. rich dark violet-blue-black; F. same with velvety texture; self beard. HM 1971, AM 1973.
  • Night Ruler - tall bearded Iris
    Night Ruler$9.50
    (Schreiner's 1990) TB, 39 inches (99 cm), M S-dark purple F-black B-black; HM 199 AM 1994
  • Night Stalker - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Night Stalker$8.00
    (J.Hedgecock 1994) TB 36 inches (91 cm), ML Ruffled purple black self with velvety sheen on fluted F.; beards purple, gold in throat; slight sweet fragrance.
  • Nights of Gladness - tall bearded Iris
    Nights of Gladness$7.25
    (R.Ernst 1990) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), EML Velvety black purple B-purple tipped mustard,yellow throat
  • Noble House - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Noble House$8.00
    (J. McWhirter, 1988) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), M Royal purple B-self; slight fragrance. HM 1990.
  • Nora Eileen - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Nora Eileen$8.00
    (Gerald Richardson, 1994) TB, 39 inches (99 cm), M Wine red magenta, F. with violet flash by violet beard; slight fragrance. HM 1997, AM 2001.
  • Nora's Thrill - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Nora's Thrill$19.50
    (Gerald Richardson, 2002)TB 32 inches (81 cm) Bright magenta violet blend, F. haft smooth red; style arms brownish red; beards magenta, bronze base; slight fragrance. Thriller X Nora Eileen.
  • Northwest Progress - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Northwest Progress$9.00$7.50
    (Schreiner's 1997) TB 34 inches (86 cm), EM S-style arms light blue F-dark violet black B-yellow,violet at end;fragrant HM 1999
  • Now See This - tall bearded Iris
    Now See This$8.00
    (L.Lauer 2001) TB 36 inches (91 cm), M S.violet purple style light violet purple F.reddish violet purple,lavender centerB.viole-purple
  • Oba Oba - tall bearded Iris
    Oba Oba$8.00
    (Mary Dunn, 1992) TB, 35 inches (89 cm), M S. white ground stitched rosy magenta purple, almost solid edge; F. white ground, rosy magenta stitching almost to edge; beards whitish, yellow deep in throat; ruffled. HM 1994.
  • Occult - tall bearded Iris
    (Maryott 1984) TB 35 inches (89 cm), M. The standards are deep maroon and the falls are deeper.
  • Ocean Clouds - tall bearded Iris
    Ocean Clouds$8.25$7.50
    (Bernard Hamner, 1992) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), E Soft blue white, F. widely banded sky blue; beards white, tipped yellow; heavily ruffled.
  • October - fragrant reblooming tall bearded Iris
    (Monty Byers, 1989) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), EM-M & RE S. gold; gold crests over styles that blend from violet at top to gold base; F. bronzy golden brown, small white area at hafts overlaid with golden brown lines; violet beard tipped gold; heavily ruffled; slight spicy fragrance.
  • October Sky - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    October Sky$14.00$12.50
    (L. Lauer 2000) TB RE 34 inches (86 cm), EM. The standards are white, and the falls are blue-violet, light bronze beards.
  • Off Broadway - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Off Broadway$8.50
    (Moores 1992) TB 34 inches (86 cm) EM RE The standards are gold and the falls are white, maroon plic. Sporadic rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 8 and 9. Late rebloom.
  • Oh Babe - tall bearded Iris
    Oh Babe$14.00
    (Anderson 1984) TB 30 inches (76 cm), M S-deep gold F-white with band of red brown plicata marks B-yellow HM 1986
  • Oh Be Joyful - tall bearded Iris
    Oh Be Joyful$9.50
    (Ray Lyons, 1995) TB, 32 inches (81 cm), ML Ruffled & laced pale pink B-medium pink. Playgirl X Blushing Lady.
  • Oklahoma Crude - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Oklahoma Crude$11.00
    (P. Black, 1989) TB, 33 inches (84 cm), M S-dark satiny purple black self, purple styles F-velvety black,paler around B B-white tipped mustard HM 1991, AM 1994
  • Oktoberfest - tall bearded Iris
    (W. Maryott, 1987) TB, 37 inches (94 cm), M Heavily ruffled red orange; self beard. HM 1989, AM 1991.
  • Ola Kala - tall bearded Iris
    Ola Kala$12.00
    (J. Sass, 1943) TB, 36 inches (91 cm) Heavily ruffled deep yellow, so yellow it is almost on the orange side. HM 1943, AM 1945, Dykes 1948 .
  • Old Blue Eyes - tall bearded Iris
    Old Blue Eyes$8.25
    (C.Tompkins 1990) TB 37 inches (94 cm), EM Ruffled rich indigo blue
  • Old Money - tall bearded Iris
    Old Money$9.50$8.50
    (J.Burch 1994) TB 33 inches (84 cm), EM Yellow-gold with currant red flecks at base of F B-darker yellow orange
  • Olympiad - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    (J.Ghio 1984) TB 38 inches (97 cm), E-L S-pale blue,darker in center F-light blue,darker center B-light blue HM 1986 AM 1988
  • Olympic Rings - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Olympic Rings$8.00
    (Moores 1990) TB 32 inches (81 cm) EM RE The standards are white, faint yellow halo and the falls are white, golden yellow halo; yellow beards. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 7, 8, and 9.
  • Ominous Stranger - fragrant reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Ominous Stranger$8.00
    (Sterling Innerst, 1993) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), M S. muted yellow, trimmed muted purple and dotted with tiny brown spots; F. muted yellow, trimmed muted purple, tiny brown dots all over; beards bronze, trimmed blue white; slight fragrance. HM 1995, AM 1997.
  • One Step Beyond - tall bearded Iris
    One Step Beyond$21.00
    (Richard Tasco, 2014) TB, 34 inches M S. brick red F. Velvety jet black. Golden orange beards, a few purple hairs and the end.
  • Orange Blossom Special - tall bearded Iris
    Orange Blossom Special$12.00
    (Schreiner 1999) TB 36 inches (91 cm), L Bright cadmium orange;B.tangerine ruffled HM 2002
  • Orange Flirt - tall bearded Iris
    Orange Flirt$12.00
    (Maryott 1990) TB 36 inches (91 cm) M. Lightly ruffled deep red orange; beards deep mandarin red.
  • Orange Jewelius - tall bearded Iris
    Orange Jewelius$12.00
    (D.Miller 1991) TB 36 inches (91 cm), ML S-creamy orange F-orange blended with yellow & pink tones B-red HM 1994
  • Orange Jubilee - tall bearded Iris
    Orange Jubilee$12.00
    (Schreiner's 1993) TB 38 inches (97 cm), M Heavily ruffled orange self B-tangerine HM 1995
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Nola's Iris garden - Tall Bearded Iris Section

Some of the tall bearded Iries are also Reblooming Irises. You will be able to identify them when you see the "RE" in the description. RE is for Reblooming (Irises).