Space Age Iris

We offer a large collection of quality Space age Iris at a wholesale price. Our space age iris collection currently has over 40 different irises to choose from and we are adding more each year.

The Space Age Irises have horn's that extend from the end of the beard. The horn is a spear like appendage that emerges from the fall at the end of the beard. The tip of the horn is sometimes flat which is referred to as a spoon or may be split and laced making a flounce which looks like little petals.

The quality of our space age Irises can't be beat. Please enjoy the pictures of our space age Irises. During bloom season you are welcome to come and view the space age irises in our viewing gardens.

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Some of the Space Age Iries are also Reblooming Irises. You will be able to identify them when you see the "RE" in the description. RE is for Reblooming (Irises).

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  • Lackawanna - tall bearded Iris
    (Tom Burseen, 2000) TB, 36" (91 cm), ML SA S.maize pink,fine yellow rim;F.tannish maize ,hafts brown;B.brown long fuzzy purple horn. Thornbird X Quiet Elegance.
  • Twice Thrilling - reblooming tall bearded Iris
    Twice Thrilling$8.30
    (M. Osborne, 1984) TB, 33 inches (84 cm), M-L SA Peach pink B-tangerine,purple horns & purple tinged spoons. HM 1986.
  • I'm So Confused - tall bearded Iris
    I'm So Confused$16.50
    (Cheryl Deaton, 2014) TB SA 42 inches ML S, pale lavender ageing to almost white, midribs slightly darker. F, slightly darker lavender getting lighter towards edge, iridescent pinkish haft markings; beards yellow in throat, middle dark lavender ending in dark lavender flounces/horns,sometimes different appendages on same flower, sometimes each flower on stalk will have differend appendages. Vigorous.
  • Comme Un Volcan - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Comme Un Volcan$16.00
    (Michle Bersillon, 2012) TB, 35" (90 cm), M S. blue violet, narrow grey border; style arms, sides creamy tan, darker center stripe; F. medium violet-blue, sides lighter, hafts blended tan; beards orange yellow, very light blue at end, 3-4 cm long blue violet appendages ending in small flounce; slight sweet fragrance. Derviche X Special Feature.
  • Wagging Tongues - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Wagging Tongues$12.00
    (Bruce Filardi, 2013) TB, 37" (94 cm), M S. and style arms light dauphinÕs violet; F. velvety darkest spectrum violet; beards orange, darkest spectrum violet horns with sparse white hairs; slight spicy fragrance. Paul Black X Some Enchanted Evening.
  • Gossett's Gamble - fragrant tall bearded Iris
    Gossett's Gamble$8.50
    (Cheryl Deaton, 2015) TB, 41" (104 cm), M S. medium violet; style arms violet, gold at base; F. medium violet, gold shoulders with veining deepening to iridescent rose, deeper violet in center under beards; beards gold in throat, yellow in middle, white end, long thin horn with violet underside ending in violet frills; ruffled and slightly laced; slight fragrance. Thornbird X Pacific Mist.
  • Old Dominion - tall bearded Iris
    Old Dominion$55.00
    (Robert Annand, deceased, by Rob Marshall, 2016) TB, 38" (97 cm), M-L & SA S. pristine blue-white, lightly crinkled; style arms white, crests brushed violet-blue; F. deep violet-blue with purple hint, white veins from throat down past beards; beards orange-yellow in throat, yellow in middle, white ends, tips light yellow, deep violet-blue appendages ending in violet-blue spoons edged lighter blue; fluted. Major League X unknown.
  • Bermuda Triangle - fragrant Border bearded Iris
    Bermuda Triangle$12.00
    (A. & D. Cadd, 2000) BB, 27 inches (69 cm), M & SA S. and style arms old gold, midribs touched lavender; F. old gold, triangular fluorescent lavender purple wash from beard to edge, darkest at top; beards bronze, small fuzzy lavender horn; slight sweet fragrance. Marsh Light X Branching Out.
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