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Margie Valenzuela

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2016 Introductions by Margie Valenzuela

The following are the unique Irises that Margie is introducing for 2016. Scroll down to see available previous Introductions.

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  • Blue Coyote - tall bearded Iris
    Blue Coyote$20.90

    (Margie Valenzuela, 2012) TB, A nice cool, cool blue. Near icy looking sometimes. And depending on weather conditions it can look lighter or deeper in color. Those deep colored beards accent this iris perfectly. Substance is so good, this iris seems nearly weather proof. Sdlg. SFC-07-CC, TB. 33-35". Mid to late season. Stands. and style arms are a baby blue to light Baby Blue. Falls are lighter. They're a light baby blue to a pale baby blue. Beards stand out, as they are bronze in the throat changing to blue to deep blue. Excellent substance.

    Parentage: Sly Fox x Lady Celesta