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Margie Valenzuela
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2016 Introductions by Margie Valenzuela

The following are the unique Irises that Margie is introducing for 2016. Scroll down to see available previous Introductions.

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Chili Spots Chili Spots
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2016) TB, 37" (94 cm), EM S. yellow, lighter center; style arms bright yellow; F. white peppered with orange-red and purple spots, heavier on upper part, yellow rim; beards yellow, orange in throat. Violet Shimmer X Tanzanian Tangerine.
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Cream Over Grapes Honey Cream Grapes
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"(Margie Valenzuela, 2016) TB, 35-36 (86 cm), ML S. cream-white to pale tan near midribs, base of midribs tan to light yellow-gold; style arms yellow-gold, hints of mustard; F. various blends of dark purple to dark red-purple, lavender edges, slight lavender line ? to ? down center, white markings on shoulder and around beard; beards mustard."
2014 Introductions
The following are the unique Irises that Margie introduced in 2014.

hope_rises_thmb.jpg Hope Rises
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2014) Seedling KDSG-06-01 (M-ML) HOPE RISES is a magnificent Luminata with strong colors, wonderful form, and great substance. Very showy in the garden!

Standards are pale orchid to white blending to lavender white-purple toward center; darker at mid-ribs; style arms white to pale orchid; F. white-washed purple exposing white veining and rim around the edges; white surrounding the area around the beard; beards are a striking rich orange in throat blending to near white at tip.

Parentage: Fancy woman x seedling DC-06-08: (an in-depth cross which includes Double Click, Pencil Sketch, and 2 other seedlings)

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just_like_me_thmb.jpg Just Like Me
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2014) Sdgl. # ERQC-06-BL, TB., 32-34, M-ML.

This tall bearded beauty has so many winning qualities of its famous parent "Queens' Circle" Great form, great branching, wonderful wide falls, excellent substance and increases well! PLUS...lots of ruffles! Standards and style arms are cream to light yellow; Falls are light lavender to purple to darker hues around edges. Centers lighten the 2nd day; wonderful semi-flaring falls; beards go from orange in throat to yellow to white on the end.

Parentage: Erleen Richeson x Queens Circle. (view both photos)

2013 Introductions
The following are the unique Irises that Margie introduced in 2013.

healthy_living_thmb.jpg Healthy Living
55578 Healthy Living
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2013) Seedling KDSG-06-01 (M-ML) 36" Tall, TB. A nice flow of colors in this beauty. It begins with a nice light peachy-org with hints of pink and orchid in the standards. The hafts are orange-pink, then it begins to blend to pink with a richer pink near the bottom of the falls with slightly lighter "crinkle-cut" edges and center. Makes a wonderful clump! Good substance and a great grower too.

Parentage: Knock -Em Dead x Social Graces.

Sweet Fragrance

grace_found_me_thmb.jpg Grace Found Me
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2013) Seedling GGP-04-50 (M-ML) 37" Tall, TB. Unique! The color is hard to describe. Standards are a pale-tan-yellow with a hint of green. Falls are the same color with the veining noticeably darker and heavier on the shoulders as a golden-tan, then blending further on the falls. It's lighter in color just under the beard and around the edges on the falls. Vigorous, healthy, and makes a stunning clump!

Parentage: Green and Gifted x Puccini.

oro_valley_sunshine_thmb.jpg Oro Valley Sunshine
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2013) Seedling KDSG-06-11 (M-ML) 36" tall, TB. A wonderful lightly-laced sunshine yellow iris with rolling ruffles that seems to dance with each bloom! The yellow almost seems to glow highlighting the center of the falls which are a pale yellow-white blend with attractive veining. 3 blooms open at once, with superb branching and substance; great in the garden or on a show table.

Parentage: Knock-Em Dead x Social Graces.

sunrise_at_dawn_thmb.jpg Sunrise At Dawn
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2013) Seedling BB4-PL (EM-M) 35-36" Tall, TB. This wonderfully formed iris with its ruffles and a touch of lace, has an enticing blend of pale pink through out the standards with near white edges. The even more entrancing falls mix it's blend together with shades of pink-orchid, to pink, to peach pink. Gold-like veining comes close to the beard working towards a blend of gold tones on it's shoulders. The deep rich orange beard is its' beacon of light. An iris sure to please.

Parentage: Bursting bubbles x (G+G X Puccini)

morning_pause_thum.jpg Morning Pause
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2013) Seedling SQC-07-J (M-ML) 36-37" Tall TB. This richly-colored deep purple beauty often has 3 blooms opened at once. The lighting can play tricks on the rich purple standards making them look lighter at times, over deep rich falls that draw your attention to the white spray markings at the half and on the shoulders. The beard is multi-colored mustard, white, and purple. Superb growth, good substance and branching, a real eye-catcher!

Parentage: Sambuca x Queens Circle.

heartfelt_beauty_thmb.jpg Heartfelt Beauty
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2013) Seedling AJLS-06-LA (E-M) 32-34" Tall, TB. A "Louisa's Song" child, and what a beauty........ with great substance and rolling ruffles galore! Standards and falls are white to palest lavender, with pale peach near it's hafts. Note the laced edges, the slight fragrance, and to complete this beauty are lovely red beards tinged orange. It's great grower and increaser too. Simply lovely in the garden with a longer growing season than most irises.

Parentage: April Jewel x Louisa's Song.

Same Dream Twice Same Dream Twice
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"(Margie Valenzuela, 2013) BB, 24-27 (6165 cm), VE-M & RE S. and style arms purple; F. white, washed richer purple, thin white edge, white area surrounding beard, white dart below beard; beards white; luminata. Lichen X Exclusive Design."
flame_catcher_thmb.jpg Flame Catcher
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2013) Seedling FWGP--8G (M,ML) 35-36" tall, TB This LUMINATA likes to show off it's bright yellow standards by blending to a rose-light purple towards the center and darkest at midrib. Falls are white to pale yellow with a rose-purple wash exposing white to lt. yellow veining and rim. Beards are a stunning yellow. Good growth habits and substance. Very showy in the garden, and it makes a wonderful clump.

Parentage: Fancy Woman x sdlg.# DC-06-8 (a golden pearl seedling).

pink_matters_thmb.jpg Pink Matters
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2013) Seedling PPST-07-09 (mid-season) 34" Tall, TB. An eye-catching PINK-pink. Its' falls look to be an even richer pink with a pronounced white area around the beard sporting pink plicata markings. Vigorous grower and increaser, decent branching, and great color!

Parentage: Sdlg. #DC-05-8 (a pristine pink pearl TB) x Spring Fling.

2012 Introductions
The following are the unique Irises that Margie introduced in 2012.

Blue_Coyote.jpg Blue Coyote
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2012) TB, A nice cool, cool blue. Near icy looking sometimes. And depending on weather conditions it can look lighter or deeper in color. Those deep colored beards accent this iris perfectly. Substance is so good, this iris seems nearly weather proof. Sdlg. SFC-07-CC, TB. 33-35". Mid to late season. Stands. and style arms are a baby blue to light Baby Blue. Falls are lighter. They're a light baby blue to a pale baby blue. Beards stand out, as they are bronze in the throat changing to blue to deep blue. Excellent substance.

Parentage: Sly Fox x Lady Celesta

Calizona Gold Calizona Gold
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"(Margie Valenzuela, 2012) TB, 34-36 inches (86-91 cm), ML S. and style arms bright yellow-gold; F. same, lined and speckled red throughout; beards orange, orange red at end; heavy substance. Whispering Spirits X Arizona Sandstone."
Pamela_Rae.jpg Pamela Rae
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2012) TB, Pamela Rae - is special. I was contacted and asked if I could name an iris after someone's daughter who is now deceased. She wanted a "memorial" for her daughter. So I showed her a couple of seedling photos and she chose this one. I'll be a wonderful and lasting tribute to her life and to her family. Note the pink-peach shoulders accentuating the over-all peach coloring. It's also a healthy, strong plant, a good grower; and a dependable bloomer year after year with laced edges. Such a worthy iris for anyone's garden. Sldg. JTLD-05-3c, TB. 31" Mid-season. Stands. and style arms are peach. Falls are a paler peach and lighter in the center. At the shoulders the color is a deep peach/warm pink w/ short lines near in color.

Parentage: Joyce Terry x Lovely Dawn.

Prismatic_crown.jpg Prismatic Crown
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2012) TB, 35" (89 cm), EM. This iris has an unusual pearl-like sheen and "Diamond Dusting" on it's falls. As you walk from side to side - -this iris shimmers it's colors like a rainbow) A must have for any garden. Sdlg DC-04-8 TB. 35". EM. Stands and style arms are pale lavender; Falls are washed lavender, lilac, and pink-purple blending to lilac edges, lighter area surrounding beards; beards orange-red in throat to yellow in throat.

Parentage: Double Click x seedling 20205-01 (seedling 02-98 ((Pencil Sketch x Sapphire Hills) x Flights of Fancy))

Naturally_Sweet.jpg Naturally Sweet
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2012) TB, This unusual iris not only has copper-gold edges, but it's veins are a golden-tan as well. It's height shows off it's colors, and because it can be early blooming it may be one of the first ones to appear. It's play on colors has a way of grabbing one's eye, it's not easily over-looked. Sdlg. BP-08-1, TB. 35-36" Early and Mid-season. Stands. have shades of Pink to light-pink, with very thin copper-gold edges. Style arms are peach. Falls consists of a blend of rose-lavender and light peach-pink with white markings near the beard. The veining is a golden tan. Note the edges are laced are of copper-gold! Bears an orange/honey-yellow blend.

Parentage: Barbara My Love x Puccini.

Sweet Fragrance

REBLOOMER in zone 8, CA.

My_Little_Wagon.jpg My Little Wagon
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(Margie Valenzuela, 2012) TB, This may not look much like a wagon, but it's color is getting close to a red wagon. When the sun hits it just can look quite red. This is a healthy, great growing plant with rebloom genes. Nice branching too. Sdlg. ROR-05-J, TB. 33-34" Mid-season. Stands. are deep red with orange-brown tint; lower midribs are red-orange to orange. Style arms shades of red-orange, orange, and yellow. Falls are deep red with velvety maroon-red shading and white markings near beard. Beard is yellow tipped mustard.

Parentage: Rustler x (Vanity x Chief Redskin)

2010 Introductions
The following are the unique Irises that Margie introduced in 2010.

vance_george_thumbnail.jpg Vance George
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(Margie Valenzuela 2010) This iris is name after the director of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus. It was presented to him at a concert in Carnegie Hall on Feb. 14, 2010. Sdlg. AECE-03-1A. TB, 38-39 inches tall, blooms EM. Standards and style arms plum and rose purple; Falls have a white center blending to yellow, edged lighter shade of Standards, Occasional plum spots throughout; thin plum center stripe; beards are bronze. 10-13 buds.

Parentage: Epicenter X seedling (Pencil sketch x Sapphire Hills)

2009 Introductions
The following are new plicata patterned irises that Margie introduced in 2009.

BirthdayMagic.jpg Birthday Magic
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(M. Valenzuela 2009) TB. 38 inches VE-E. Voted (tied) Best Region 15 introduction in 2010 at The Region 15 Trek! Here is a showy iris with billowing ruffled falls. It has great growing habits, great form, and great branching. It's a child of Snowbrook, one can say it's a much improved Snowbrook! Standards are white, with a hint of silver in the shade. The billowy, ruffled falls are a clean white with a purple-plicata edge. Note the striking mulberry-purple plicata markings and veining on the shoulders, and surrounding the beard. The beards are yellow with lavender-purple at the end. The birth of this iris turned out to be magic.

Parentage: Select Circle x Snowbrook

intro2009/thumbnail/HiddenGem.jpg Hidden Gem
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(M. Valenzuela 2009) TB 35 inches EM. This is a true gem indeed! Not only does it have 14 buds per stalk, but it has spots!! Note the unusual light pewter-blue standards with contrasting mustard gold style arms. Falls are white, but the best part are the light pewter-blue spots that become heavier towards the near solid light pewter-blue edges. Even the beards are pewter-blue too tipped mustard gold, bringing it all together.

Parentage: Violet Shimmer x Tanzanian Tangerine

2008 Introductions
The following are great growing irises that Margie introduced in 2008.

Skys-the-Limit.jpg Sky's The Limit
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(M. Valenzuela 2008)TB, 36 inches (97 cm)VE-E. This Iris reaches to the sky and is a very easy grower. Standards are light to pale sky blue; the style arms are a cool blue. Falls are white with a 1/2 inch purple plicata marked edge. Purple plicata markings and veining on shoulders and around the yellow and pale blue beard. Very attractive Iris.

Parentage: Select Circle x Snowbrook

2007 Introductions
The following are the lovely irises that Margie introduced in 2007.

Looking-Smart.jpg Looking Smart
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Valenzuela 2013) One of Margie's best! Yellow standards and styles; blended pink lavender falls and have gilt wire edges and lighten to yellow at the hafts. Very lacy. The plants are easily grown.