Gift Certificate

Nola's Iris Garden now offers Gift Certificates.

Perfect for Birthdays, Mothers Day, and all Special Occasions.

You have a choice of sending the certificate via email or regular mail. For email gift certificates fill in the email address for each certificate you wish to purchase.

You can purchase multiple certificates at one time or you can purchase them one at a time. The "Presented To" and the message you write will be the same if you pick multi certificates at once.

If you want the "Presented To" and or the message to be different for each person, purchase them one at a time.

If you wish to have the Gift Certificate mailed you can only do one "ship to address" at a time. In other words only order one Gift Certificate at a time if they need to be mailed and go to different addresses.

Select type of gift certificate
E-mail Certificate(s) Mail Certificate(s)
E-mail Address(es)
     - one for each certificate purchased, separated by commas.
Certificates will be mailed to the address specified during the checkout process.
Number of gift certificates
Amount of each gift certificate
Presented To
Message (150 character limit)

You can order the gift certificate from $5.00 to $500.00 and we can send it via email or regular mail.

Our $20.00 minimum order does not apply to the Gift Certificates, you may order $5.00 if you wish.

Remember that the minimum order for the person using the certificate remains $20.00.

The gift certificate will not expire and can be used more than one time. If the total amount is not used in a purchase the balance will remain to be used at a later date.