Fragrant Iris

Fragrant Irises

Fragrance is often an overlooked quality of the bearded irises. This can be difficult to understand because the perfumes produced from some of these fragrant flowers vary from light and sweet to heavily scented, dusky and even a "chocolate" essence. If you specifically want fragrant iris flowers, you will be pleased with the following selection from our fragrant irises.

Looking for the most fragrant Iris. Try using the search function for the word "pronounced" which should return all the varieties that have a pronounced fragrance.

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Flow-Blue.jpg Flow Blue
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(Duane Meek, 1992) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), EM S-soft blue with darker flecks F-light center,blue on edge with dark flecks B-soft blue;fragrant.
Planned-Treasure.jpg Planned Treasure
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(E. Burger, 1985) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), E-L S-flesh pink F-white with orchid purple band B-tangerine;fragrance. Timely Treasure X Dream Romance. HM 1988.
Satin-Satan.jpg Satin Satan
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(John Weiler, 1986) TB, 35 inches (90 cm), E-L Very dark violet (near black) B-self; slight sweet fragrance. HM 1988.
Sea-Power.jpg Sea Power
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(Keith Keppel, 1999) TB, 38 inches (97 cm), M S-blue,paler edge F-blue,paling toward edge,tan haft suffusion B-blue-white-lemon;fragrant. HM 2001, AM 2003, Wister 2005, Dykes 2006.
graphicp/thumbnail/Shoot-the-Moon.jpg Shoot the Moon
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(Monty Byers, 1987) TB SA, 35 inches (89 cm), M & RE (Nov in CA) Ruffled and lightly laced creamy yellow; yellow orange beard, 1.5 inches curved horns; slight sweet fragrance. Replay X Sky Hooks.
Twice-Delightful.jpg Twice Delightful
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(S. Innerst, 1989) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), M-L & RE (late Oct in PA) Mid to light blue B-tangerine tipped white;slight fragrance
Anaconda-Love.jpg Anaconda Love
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(Brad Kasperek, 1998) BB, 24 inches (61 cm), ML S-pink,splashed beetroot purple,laced F-beetroot purple,streaked silver-pink B-orange;broken color pattern;fragrant. HM 2001, AM 2003, Knowlton Medal 2006.
Ensign.jpg Ensign
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(Eric Tankesley-Clarke, 1993) BB, 25 inches (64 cm), ML Dark blue self B-lemon;slight sweet fragrance. Allegiance X Bubbling Over. HM 1996
Air-Bubbles.jpg Air Bubbles
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(Chet Tompkins, 1990) TB, 39-40 inches (99-102 cm), EML Pale cocoa ,lilac,silver blue overtone tip lilac; pronounced fragrance.
Wild-Wings.jpg Wild Wings
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(Keith Keppel, 1999) TB, 34 inches (86 cm), EM S-style arms dark violet F-black,violet cast B-rusty terra cotta; pronounced sweet fragrance. Night Game sib, X Romantic HM 2001, AM 2003.
Alentejo.jpg Alentejo
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(Cy Bartlett, 2000) IB, 20 inches (51 cm), M S. white, blended pale yellow, midrib veined yellow, inner base dotted brown; style arms white, blended yellow; F. yellow, sanded, dotted and veined brown; beards bright golden yellow; heavily ruffled; sweet fragrance. Eyebright X Brandy Sipper.
My-Forte.jpg My Forte
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(Richard Ernst, 2000) TB, 37 inches (94 cm), ML S. violet purple, midrib infused white; style arms violet purple; F. white, 1/4-3/8 inches violet purple band; beards tangerine orange; slight sweet fragrance.
Please enjoy!

The quality of our bearded Irises can't be beat.

The fragrant Iris often have a sweet scent that makes them doubly enjoyable as a cut flower.