The Beginning Fountain

In the beginning, we purchased some land, a fountain and some of the iris that Nola loves. We planted the iris on a hillside near the house. 500 more rhizomes were donated by family members when they divided their own iris. These were planted along our long driveway.
Now we had land, iris and a fountain. We did what any sane people would do. we decided to start an iris business and the cornerstone would be a viewing garden.


Different Flavors
Silver Fox
Sea Power
Saharan Sun
An Jan
Pleasant Surprise

New York Bench

We purchased a bench that was once in New York City's Central Park and decided that it would be a good place for visitors to rest. Certainly we could use the rest. line


We could rest, watching the sunset over the hills and waiting for the next installment of our journey with the iris. line

The Fountain

We graded the land, placed the fountain, designed paths and planted iris. We imagined visitors meandering along the paths and finding their favorite blooms. line

The iris are growing

And in the spring, there they were, growing along the paths, just as we hoped. The iris were worth the walk. line

Prevost Ranch and Gardens
4195 Sierra Road
San Jose, CA 95132