A Foggy Day In April line

Get ready for a full tour of the garden. We will start at the fountain and look from right to left toward the hills. Then we'll turn around and look from left to right toward the valley. See? No walking at all. Just enjoy the tour and don't get dizzy! There will be some close-ups of the iris because we all need to stop and smell the... Well, you know.

Big Buck
Big Boss
Frost Echo
Mallory Kay
Heavenly Halo
Bye Bye Blues
Carnival Song
Day Dreaming
Good Day Sunshine
Rosy Cloud
Mo-Town Sister
Broad Shoulders
Even the bunny helps

The Fountain Looking toward the Driveway

We're standing in the center of the garden looking toward the driveway.

driveway and greeting station

You can see the hill in the background, the greeting station for our visitors and the paddock fence of one of the stables.


This is one of many barns on the property. It houses some of the smaller equipment for the ranch, including one of our transports: a golf cart.

Fountain with fence and corner of the house

The fountain again, with more of the paddock fence and just in the left, a brief glimpse of the roof of the house.

The house and greenhouse

The house and a bit of the greenhouse on the left. The solar system is a way, besides growing iris, to participate in the "Greening of America".

The greenhouse

The greenhouse. Remember what it looked like in the fog? Notice how the iris have grown and are filling the beds.

The Fountain looking toward the valley

We are back at the fountain and looking over the hills toward the valley.

The lower half of the driveway on the left

You can see more of the paths and the lower portion of the driveway on the left


Can't you just imagine walking down this path and stopping for a closer look at the iris?

Gary working

It looks like that's Gary doing some work in the garden.

the bench

You can just see the bench. It used to be so easy to see, but the iris have it surrounded now.

the bench

Now we can see the bench and the city of San Jose in the distance.

more beds

I see the fruits of Gary's labor. These new beds weren't planted two years ago.

the patio

Last stop - the patio. The greenhouse is to the right, so we have made a complete circle of the gardens. We could have a seat and relax with the tea, coffee and lemonade provided to visitors to the garden. Next time, I hope you can visit in person. We would love to welcome you.

Prevost Ranch and Gardens
4195 Sierra Road
San Jose, CA 95132