A Foggy Day In April

Living on a ranch in the hills above Santa Clara Valley, we never know what to expect as far as the weather is concerned. One morning in April we woke to find the garden had transformed into a wonderland. Button up your jacket and enjoy the tour.

The colors of the iris against the fog were so beautiful.

The greenhouse at the edge of the fog

The greenhouse looked as if it was positioned at the end of the world.

The dog in the fog

Our dog, Little Bit, didn't seem to be sure what to make of this day.

Iris blooming along driveway in the fog

The driveway looked very much like a watercolor painting

The Fountain surrounded by fog

Even the fountain looked different. We were so used to seeing the hills behind it.

Work must go on

But fog or no fog, work must go on, so Nola checked the blooms.

The fog begins to lift

Finally, the fog began to lift and the magical day was over.

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Prevost Ranch and Gardens
4195 Sierra Road
San Jose, CA 95132