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Feed at Prevost Ranch

elk grove

We are the Bay Area distributor for Elk Grove Milling Complete Horse Feed Products.

  • Pelleted Feed
    • Stable Mix (with or without G & C)
    • Stable Mix, Sr. (with or without G & C)
    • Sport Horse Mix
    • Cutter-Roper (higher protein)
    • GetGo for foals and weanlings up to 18 Months
  • Ultra Mate formulated for:
    • Working Horses
    • Stallions during breeding season
    • Mares lactating in last trimester of pregnancy
    • Foals
  • Ultra Mate includes Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • Forage Pellet Products
    • Alfalfa and Oat
    • Oat Hay
    • Forage Mix
    • Alfalfa
    • Timothy
  • Also, feed for Goats, Cattle, Sheep, Llamas, Rabbits and Chickens


Delivery rates are per ton. The one ton minimum/8 barrels, can be mix and match.

  • $20.00 local (San Jose/Fremont)
  • $35.00 other (Pleasanton/Gilroy)

Stable Mix, Senior Stable Mix, Sport Horse Mix, and Get Go are registered trade marks of Elk Grove Milling, Inc.


Product 50#
250# Barrel Equivalent Bag
Stable Mix Call Call Call
Sr.Stable Mix Call Call Call
Sport Horse w/ G&C Call Call Call
Ultra Mate Call Call Call
Get Go Call Call Call
Stable Mix plus G & C Call Call Call
Sr. Stable Mix plus G & C Call Call Call
Corral Mix n/a Call Call
Sunshine Forage Pellets call call n/a
Timothy Pellets call call  
Thimothy Pellets call call  
1/4 Alfalfa Pellets call call  
Oat Pellets call    
50/50 Alfalfa & Oat call    
Rice Bran Pellets call    
Goat Mix Pellets call    
Rabbit Pellets Call    
Laying Pellets call    
Hen Scratch call    

Miscellaneous Supplies

Product Price
Amercias Choice Shavings (3.5 cu ft) Call
Natures Best Stall Pellets (40 lbs) Call
Plain Salt (50 lbs) Call
Salt Trace Mineral (50 lbs) Call