Fragrant Iris

Fragrant Irises

Fragrance is often an overlooked quality of the bearded irises. This can be difficult to understand because the perfumes produced from some of these fragrant flowers vary from light and sweet to heavily scented, dusky and even a "chocolate" essence. If you specifically want fragrant iris flowers, you will be pleased with the following selection from our fragrant irises.

Looking for the most fragrant Iris. Try using the search function for the word "pronounced" which should return all the varieties that have a pronounced fragrance.

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Sky-Search.jpg Sky Search
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(Gaulter 1992) TB 38 inches (97 cm), EM. Sky blue, whitish beards; Pronounced sweet fragrance.

Tall bearded Iris Sneezy Sneezy
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(K.Keppel 1996) TB 29 inches (74 cm), M S-apricot buff F-lemon apricot,allover dot-wash of rose violet B-red orange;fragrant HM 1998 AM 2000
Snow-Shoes.jpg Snow Shoes
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(Manley Osborne, 1995) TB, 31 inches (79 cm), M S. white, blue center glow; style arms blue white, light blue lip; F. white, white petaloid at end of wide blue white beard; slight sweet fragrance. HM 1999.
Sonata-in-Blue.jpg Sonata in Blue
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(R.G.Smith 1994) TB 31 inches (78 cm), M & RE Brilliant violet B-yellow tipped white;slight fragrance
Speed-Limit.jpg Speed Limit
12536 Speed Limit
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(Lauer 1992) TB RE 38 inches (97 cm), EM. The standards are med. blue, white spot and the falls are same; ruffled & flaring. Reliable rebloom for us in zone 8. Reported to rebloom in zones 5 to 9. Fragrant Iris.
Star-Surge.jpg Star Surge
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(George Sutton, 2000) TB, 36 inches (91 cm), ML S. and style arms imperial purple; F. imperial purple speckled white, lower third dark plum purple with thin white to violet edge; beards bronze; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance.
Stardock.jpg Stardock
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(George Sutton,2004) TB SA, 37 inches (94 cm), ML & RE S. and style arms coral pink; F. beetroot purple washed violet purple, coral pink spray pattern; beards old gold, beetroot flounce; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance. Mesmerizer X G-92: (Tomorrow's Child x Sweet Musette). HM 2008

Starwoman.jpg Starwoman
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(Marky Smith, 1998) IB, 25 inches (64 cm), M S. blackish royal purple, faint lavender grey marks at deep purple midrib; style arms strong mauve violet, edges greyer; F. pearl ground, inches darkest black violet rim and center stripe, dark violet dashing and stitching within rim; beards blue violet at end, gold-tipped blue violet central area, yellow in throat; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. HM 2001, AM 2003, Sass Medal 2005, Dykes 2008.
Strictly-Ballroom.jpg Strictly Ballroom
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(L.Lauer 1994) TB 34 inches (86 cm), M S-white F-medium blue,undertoned lavender B-white tipped lavender;fragrant HM 1996
Sultans-Daughter.jpg Sultan's Daughter
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(B.Blyth 1995) TB 36 inches (91 cm), M S-biscuit to beige,flushed rose F-plush ruby,lighter edge B-gold,fragrant
Summertime-Blues.jpg Summertime Blues
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(George Sutton, 2002) TB, 37 inches (94 cm), M & RE. S. pale wistaria blue, midrib slightly deeper; style arms pale wistaria blue; F. paler wistaria blue; beards orange, wistaria blue at end; heavily ruffled, diamond dusted; pronounced sweet fragrance. (Busy Being Blue x Deity) X Star Master.
Superstition.jpg Superstition
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(Schreiner's 1977) TB 36 inches (91 cm), M Rich ebony with a hint of maroon. Sweet fragrance. HM 1979 AM 1981

Please enjoy!

The quality of our bearded Irises can't be beat.

The fragrant Iris often have a sweet scent that makes them doubly enjoyable as a cut flower.